Adversus Dashboards Beta

We're testing out some new functionality for visualizing team performance.

We've added a new page to our Statistics and reports section that allows users to create custom dashboards based on some popular performance metrics.

Everything is still very early, but we decided to release it as is to quickly be able to gather input about what direction we should take it in. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Copy campaign settings

Campaign administration has now become much easier.

One of the common nuisanses for customers with complicated campaign setups has been keeping multiple campaigns with the same setup in synch. Previously, the only way to replicate the settings from one campaign was to create a new (cloned) copy of that campaign.

We've now added a feature that allows you to copy some or all settings from one campaign to multiple existing campaigns.

To access our new feature, go to the campaigns overview, click the 'More' button next to the source campaign, and then select 'Copy settings'.

Warehouse update

We've added a sales view to our warehouse module.

In addition to being built on top of our now familiar warehouse experience, the new sales overview also offers the possibility to filter sales by products sold, and allows updating the sales status for multiple sales.

Track calender invites

When booking meetings for external consultants one of the common problems has previously been the inability to track whether the recipient has accepted the meeting invitation. Such feedback would only be delivered to the email specified as the sender.

We've integrated a new feature called smart invites which enables such tracking. By enabling smart invites for the email-template with the meeting invitation, the current recipient status can now be shown in the bookings warehouse.

A common use case will be filtering all bookings where recipient has not accepted the invite, and call them back to rearrange or confirm the invite. This helps agents raise the quality of the meetings.

Inbound additions

We've added two new options to our inbound campaign handling.

An often requested feature was for inbound calls to be more noticeable in the dialer, as agents would occasionally miss inbound calls when their attention was elsewhere. It is now possible to enable an inbound ringtone which alerts the agents that an inbound call is queued, when they're not currently in a call.

Furthermore it is now possible to opt in to receive inbound calls while manually creating leads. This is a requested feature for scenarios where the agents themselves are responsible for managing and entering their leads.

Both settings can be enabled through the campaign editor under the Inbound section.

Warehouse - Updates

We have 2 new minor, but exciting updates to our leads Warehouse view.

It is now possible to delete the recordings for one or more leads as a warehouse action.

We also added a quick overview feature which allows a detailed look into the activity history for a single lead. Simple click on any of the rows in table, and a popup will display the current lead-status, lead-data and a log of the previous lead interactions.


We've added pagination and filtering by pool and import to the GET /contacts endpoint. Furthermore it is now possible to specify a set of lead-fields that should shown for each contact.

You can read more in the api docs @

Profile settings

Users can now view and edit their own settings. The My Profile view can be accessed from the menu in the lower left corner.

We also added two new dialer settings for internal users which enables a user to adjust the stun network protocol setting, and to toggle automatic gain control for the microphone.


We've redesigned the upload page, and have added some additional feature to the upload engine making it much more powerful. It is now possible to enrich your existing lead-data by uploading data directly from a spreadsheet.

As previously you start off by selecting which columns that should be used for 'matching' your existing data against the import-data (this may be an internal key or a phone number). But now you may also specify columns containing data that should be added to existing leads when a match is found.

Additionally, you can specify that leads for which no match can be found should be deactivated from the upload pool. This is useful for making a lead-pool 1 to 1 with an external source.

Warehouse – Add and delete leads

We added some basic lead management actions to our leads warehouse view. It is now possible to add leads to another campaign, as well as deactivate the leads from their current campaign.

In a warehouse it is also possible to execute an action only for a specific selection of leads. This can be done by simply marking the checkbox for every lead you wish to change prior to selecting the action.