Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Dialer - Internal call forwarding

Oftentimes closing a sale is a joint effort, so we made it easy to keep the customer on the line when moving the conversation from your cold callers to your best closers.

In Adversus you can now transfer calls directly to your colleagues, either directly to a specific agent or to the first available agent on any campaign. All the data for the lead will be immediately available to the receiver of the call, and they can keep the conversation on track right from the start.

To get started, go to the campaign settings and look for the call forwarding section. Here you now have the option to set up a phone book with numbers, users and campaigns that may be used as forwarding destinations. Remember to enable call transfers in the settings section if you havn't already.

In the dialer the transfer interface now displays the phone book entries, and for internal transfers we will also show if the destination is ready to accept inbound calls.

Journey additions

We all know that Journeys are a great way to setup flow management to automate what happens next when your agent just aced that initial sales pitch. But sometimes we want to wait a bit until the customer confirmed they're ready to move forward, so we made it possible for Journeys to trigger manually by including a confirmation link in an email or a text message.

Go to Journeys and click to connect the Manual integration to your account. The Journeys you create with this new trigger type will now appear in the message editor where you can include the journey as a merge tag.

You decide what happens next!

Warehouse - calls

For all the data lovers out there Adversus is once again ready to deliver, as we now present the latest addition to our Warehouse module - The Calls warehouse view.

Do you want an exact list of which numbers have been called on a specific campaign longer than 30 minutes?, listen to the all recordings made by an agent between 12 and 14 yesterday?, investigate exactly from which campaign you reached out to a customer number last month? The calls warehouse has all the answers and with the familiar UI you already know how to use it.

What are you waiting for?

Advanced dialer configuration

The dialer view have been updated to enable new layout customization, new types of input fields, and more options for validation.

If you have a lot of small fields that does not require lengthy input strings, you can now setup fields to only take half the column width. E.g. if you use seperate fields for zip code and city, it is now possible to have the dialer show these fields side by side, which can make it easier for your agents to quickly gather the required information at a glance. In the lead data fields tab, each field now have an column width option, which can be set to half.

The content type of each fields now also have options for seleting numeric inputs and datetime inputs. These new field types have custom implemetations in the dialer view, such that the agents can select a date using a calendar picker, or may be required to input only numbers.

You can also enable validation for telephone numbers and emails, and for advanced users you can customize input patterns for text fields. This allows for standardizing how your agents should input things like VAT numbers, providing you with better data quality.


Adversus now have a new feature for segmenting leads by time of day, helping you to make sure your agents spent their time calling the customers at the best time.

Adversus now allows you to configure timeslots which represent for example the day and night shift. You can assign these to leads if you have their prefered contact time available beforehand, or maybe a customer will specifically request that you call them back in the evening.

Timeslots can be defined as they best suit your business, and for advanced use cases like working internationally in multiple timezones, timeslots can help you making certain you always reach out to your customers during their business hours.

Go to accounts settings and click the timeslots tab to get started.

Changes to how you handle user permissions

The Adversus user permissions system has always been a bit confusing, but we're well on our way to makes it much simpler to understand exactly what a user is allowed to do. It is now easier than ever to grant your agents access to more features that can make it easier for them to do their jobs.

Regardless of what type of user you're dealing with Adversus now has only one way to specify what that user should be allowed to do - permission groups. Any type of user be it an agent or a calendar user can now be assigned a permission group which lists exactly what that user has access to.

We removed the Manager/Agent usertypes as the new system covers both use cases and allows you to customize what the default permissions should be for every agent without having to change the user type.

Go to users and select permission groups to get started.

Dashboards for everyone

The dashboards system have been upgraded with more KPIs and visualizations, and you can now customize dashboards for individual users.

When configuring widgets you can specify which users the KPI should calculated for, meaning that you can present dashboards that shows only the data caluclated for the individual agents. Furthermore dashboards can be setup such that they can be accessed from the sidebar for a group of users.

Our new setup makes it easy to build a dashboard that presents the numbers which are relevant for your agents, or you can customize advanced dashboards which can be shared with your customers.

Predictive dialer strategies

The predictive dialer have made its way into the dialer strategies system, and a more flexible priority mode have been added.

When configuring a dialer strategy you now have the option to set the dialer mode (manual/progressive/predictive) like a regular campaign. This means that you can now use the predictive dialer with multiple campaigns, providing new possibilities for how you segment your leads.

In addition you can now setup the priority between your campaigns by specifying a ratio of how much each campaign should be dialed. E.g. you might want a third of your leads from one campaign and two thirds from another.

Falling sligtly behind on your meeting quota for a specific region? You can now react faster than ever before, by simply changing the ratios of the campaign and your agents can simply continue doing their job with no interruptions.

Oh, and did we mention - the live overview now also works with dialer strategies!

Adversus dialer strategies

We added a new way to prioritize which leads you want to connect with. Adversus dialer strategies works with your existing campaign setup, but makes it easy to configure which campaigns contains the leads that should get the most attention.

By setting up an prioritized list of campaigns Adversus will always make sure your callers connect with the leads that you want them to.

Adversus dialer strategies also makes everyday life easier for your callers, as all they have to do is start the dialer with your selected strategy. Adversus will then make sure they are always dialing the campaigns which are most important to you.

To get started, click the create button in the dialer overview and select strategy.

Predictive with Inbound

We're happy to announce that the Adversus Dialer now supports inbound calls for campaigns that are using the Predictive dialer strategy.

To activate this, simply go to campaign settings for your predictive campaign and select an inbound number in the inbound section. In predictive mode, the calls can either be connected instantly to any available agent, or if preferred you can allow agents to first screen the lead before picking up the call.