Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Campaign copy manuscripts




We've updated the campaign copy settings feature such that manuscripts can now be merged with the existing manuscripts, or replace the existing manuscripts. This function is similar to how we handle the campaign lead fields, iframes etc. so most users should be familiar with this behavior.

Agent recording consent




There's a new agent setting for managing consents.

Now, you can choose if Adversus is allowed to record conversations for specific agents.

If you have one or more agents who are not interested in having their recordings stored, it is now possible to disable recording of their conversations, regardless of the campaign recording settings. For everyone else, the campaign/inbound recording settings will behave as always.

Go to "User settings", edit the agent(s) and remove the check mark from "Recordings - Agent permission". Note: Only administrators can manage this setting.

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Permission administration




We have added a set of new permissions that will provide more fine-grained control of what can be accessed through the user view.

The former 'user administrations' permission is replaced with specific permissions for editing users, editing teams, editing permissions groups, and editing API users.

The new permissions will also be subject to the restrictions defined by the team setup. This means that a team leader will only be able to see and potentially edit the users on one of their teams.

At the same time, we're sharpening up the permission group system by ensuring that a user can never create another user with a permission group that has more permissions than the user itself. This also applies when changing the permission group for existing users.

This modification ensures that Adversus supports having team leaders who can create and edit team members without implicitly giving them access to data outside the scope of what their own access allows.

Menu improvements




We are introducing an upgrade to our menu (the one on the left, yes). Two things are important to highlight here:

Firstly, we have implemented an "if you're using Adversus on a tiny screen, you can now scroll"-function. The scroll function makes the entire menu accessible regardless of how small you make your browser window.

Secondly, you can still decide how you want to set your menu view per default (the two modes where one takes up a bit more space than the other), but we have made an adjustment here as well. Suppose you're in the "small menu version". In that case, the menu will unfold whenever you hover your mouse over the menu, thus showing you the names of every tab.

New Quality Assurance module





We have just launched our new QA module to help you ensure a high quality of all calls.

Maybe your daily routine is to listen to the entire day's successes and check if the agents have processed them correctly. Or perhaps you have specific agents you want to focus on. The QA module gives you easy access to do so.

The QA module allows you to go through leads after agents have saved them. By the use of various filters (much like the Warehouse), locate the leads you want to have an extra look at and begin your QA session. When finishing your session, decide specific actions for the approved and rejected leads, e.g., start a manual journey or add them to a campaign.

Go to Insights > Quality to try it out. Enjoy!

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More filtering options - Live overview




We have added some additional filtering capabilities to the live overview (insights).

In addition to filtering by user groups and projects, you can now also filter by strategies, teams, or just by selecting the campaigns directly.

Remove bad leads/contacts




We have added a new action in the Contacts Warehouse to clean up contacts/leads that have a history of not being reachable or are just plain bogus.

We know many of our customers don't have much information on the people they're trying to reach. Sometimes you may experience that lead lists include numbers that are not valid, or maybe you actually tried contacting the lead numerous times - without any luck.

In many ways, this is similar to doing a duplicate check on your lead data, though there are differences. The new Warehouse action evaluates contacts based on their phone numbers and your historical call data.

The action will go through your contacts and remove those that either don't have a valid number or where the number associated has previously been called, but the response indicated that the number is - in fact - not valid. Typically, this would be because the number doesn't actually exist.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 13.48.09.png

Please keep in mind that this is an early version of a feature we will explore more. Our goal is to have this logic running simultaneously with imports and allow more fine-grained control over which numbers are considered 'unreachable'. But as of right now, we expect this version to improve the quality of current leads in Adversus.

Data on deactivated users





Henceforth, the reports module will handle data for deactivated users slightly differently.

  • Deactivated < 1 month ago: Users are shown with their name anonymized

  • Deactivated > 1 month ago: Users are grouped in a single row and shown as "Deleted users"

Search for multiple values in one go




We've added a new search function in Warehouse. It allows you to input however many values you want to in one filtering, e.g., by inputting a comma-separated list.

To give a few examples, you can locate all leads that match a list of zipcodes, or find specific leads from a list of IDs extracted from another Warehouse.

The essential information on this update is that you avoid inputting values one by one and save time on your Warehouse filterings (when you have a lot of values to match, of course).

Go to Warehouse, add a header filter, choose the operator 'in', and click the small clipboard widget.

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Dashboards with data from the future





We have made changes to the Dashboard universe, including exciting(!) new possibilities for lead tracking.

We've updated the dashboard time range selector (this guy right here:)

image 1724 (1).png

to calculate the end of the period for 'Today', 'This week', and 'This month' as the actual end of today, this week, or this month. Previously, we would always set the end time as the current time.

This is quite the update, as it means that you can create KPIs that show you data from the future!

You will have the opportunity to create a KPI that tells you how many leads will be released in the coming hours, days, etc. By doing that, you will always have an accessible overview of how many leads you have at your disposal, hence avoiding running out of leads during the day. Cool, right?

Another example of utilizing the new time range selector is creating a KPI of callbacks, setting it to "This week", and thereby giving agents an overview of the number of callbacks scheduled for them during the week.

Lastly, we have also adjusted the x-axis time range for graphs that will now always try to fit with the current data shown. We decided that it wasn't that interesting to keep track of how you didn't make any calls during the night-time after all.