Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Sanitize phone numbers during upload




We're gonna make sure there are no weird characters from your imports while you upload your leads.

From now on, Adversus will automatically remove any characters considered strange in a phone number, e.g., spacing after the number, an apostrophe, a letter, etc.

Let's say that you're uploading an excel sheet with all of your fine-looking leads. But whoops, you haven't noticed - because why would you - that one of the leads has a phone number listed as +45 86 30 00 86' f. Adversus will locate this wrongly formatted number and sanitize it, giving you +45 86 30 00 86 instead.

Sanitization of your numbers applies to both manual uploads and uploads through API.

Lock/hide timeslot selector




If you are working with timeslots, we now give you the possibility to lock or hide these, so that agents can't change timezone on a lead from the dialer.

The option to lock or hide the timeslot selector is to avoid any accidental changes to the timeslot attached to the lead - making sure they are called when they are reachable.

You can choose timeslot visibility from the campaign settings.

Phone numbers




As some of you may have noticed, we have made some changes when you try to verify a phone number you haven’t bought within Adversus.

Previously, it has been possible to verify and call from a number you own without having purchased an Adversus phone number, but we have changed this to route the calls correctly and give you the best possible quality.

When dialing anonymously (hidden number) or with a verified number, it’s now necessary to provide an Adversus phone number. The Adversus number will be billed when dialing with the chosen outgoing number and is used as the basis for calculating any variable telephony costs that might apply. This change allows us to control the traffic in the best way possible, and you avoid getting discarded as a fraudulent caller (since you’re calling from a phone number that matches the country).

Let’s say you are physically located in Denmark, but you want to call leads in Spain. Calling from a Danish number might seem “scammy” to telephony providers, and you risk not getting through.

Now, if you choose to call anonymously, attach a Spanish Adversus number to the campaign. And if you call with an outgoing number, you need an Adversus number to have the number originate from Spain. To your leads, it will appear as the number you’ve verified. We still recommend using the Adversus number directly for the absolute best quality. However, if your business requires you to use your own number, you can still do this.

It is required to have an Adversus phone number per country code.

Phone number self-service: New countries




We have expanded the list of countries from where it is possible to purchase phone numbers through Adversus.

Please note that, upon request, you are required to provide legal proof of address to be able to use numbers from these countries:

  • Czech Republic

  • Finland

  • Greece

  • Australia

  • Belgium

  • Luxembourg

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

Activities made on behalf of others




You can now see if someone has saved a lead on behalf of another user in the activity log.

Let's say that Joey Tribbiani sets Ross Geller as 'last contacted by' and saves the lead. The activity is then logged as Joey Tribbiani saved lead as success on behalf of Ross Geller.

As an add-on to this update: If you are editing a lead that has a deleted user set as 'last contacted by', it will now clearly state that this is, in fact, a user no longer active in Adversus. In the 'save lead as' field, the deleted user will appear as 'Original user (deleted)'. Go to the activity log to see if any updates were made on behalf of this user.

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Permissions for campaign segmentation




Two new permissions have been added to Adversus: Campaign segmentations and Campaign segmentations (user specific). These permissions make it possible to enable user level access control for campaign segmentation.

With the new permissions, you can now control whether a user can configure the segmentation for a campaign. Previously, this permission was either exclusively for administrators or available to everyone through the account setting 'Allow all users to create campaign segments' - that is now removed.

As always, if a campaign segmentation is configured, it will apply to all users who have access to the campaign, regardless of their permissions.

Journey update




There's been added some new stuff for those of you doing booking activities and using Journeys.

Through a Journey, you can now use the action "Update booking status" to change the status of a meeting automatically.

Let's take it for a spin in an example: You want to know if a meeting that was scheduled has been held or not so you can steer the leads in the right direction afterward. To do so, you send an SMS to the consultant asking them to answer yes or no. Based on their inbound SMS answer, the booking status automatically changes to either "held" or "cancelled".

SMS number dropdown




We have implemented a phone number dropdown when you send an SMS to a lead from the dialer.

If you come across a lead with more than one phone number attached, you can now choose which phone number you wish to send the SMS to from the dropdown options.

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Säg hej till vår svenska plattform! 🇸🇪




We have implemented a Swedish version of Adversus!

The entire platform is now available with a Swedish UI. If that sounds like sweet music to your ears, and you want to change to Swedish, hover your mouse over your name, go to 'change language', and click on 'Svenska'.

Please note that this is still a work in progress - a beta version, if you please - that we're tweaking and optimizing as we go.

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Campaign copy manuscripts




We've updated the campaign copy settings feature such that manuscripts can now be merged with the existing manuscripts, or replace the existing manuscripts. This function is similar to how we handle the campaign lead fields, iframes etc. so most users should be familiar with this behavior.