Dialer view redesign

Our core dialer application has received a fresh new design and several improvements to the lead history section.

The UI redesign brings some UX improvements as well. We have moved the lead history panel to a fixed position at the right of the screen, such that it can be viewed along side the lead data without having to scroll all the way to the bottom. Users can either have have it be permanently shown, or toggle the visibility as an overlay.

In addition the activity log has a few new features as you now have the option to include history from other campaigns, show sales history, booking history, and can choose to display the combined timeline, or filter by relevant entries (e.g. calls or notes).

The ability to include history from other campaigns means your phoner have all the relevant information at hand, even when your lead journey include several stages, or if you do recurring campaigns.

We also included a new way to schedule call-backs, by including a calendar widget that will also show the previously scheduled call-backs. This can help agents prevent scheduling multiple call-backs at the same time, and instead keep their appointments with customers.

Live - Talk to agent

In order to make it easier to coach your agents remotely we made it possible to engage in conversation with them directly from the Live overview. Instead of only listening in on their conversation you can now also click 'Talk to agent' in the agent panel, which allows you to talk directly to the agent you're currently listening to.

This works both while they're talking to customers, but also between calls.

Adversus Rooms - Online meetings

You can now easily hold online meetings using Adversus.

We've extended our booking feature with the option to arrange meetings that are held online. By simply sending the customer an automated e-mail containing a generated invite link to the meeting, you or your consultants now have the flexibility to meet with customers online.

Adversus online meetings can be accessed from the Bookings warehouse or from the consultants own booking overview.


You can now integrate Adversus with your coffee maker. In our recent update to the Journey module we've added not only custom api requests, but also integrated the bookings module and reworked the Journey overview.

Journeys has always been about making it easier to set up complex workflows and one of the typical hallmarks of complex workflows is the requirement to integrate with other systems. By adding the ability to create custom api request from the journey editor, we've opened up for users to connect to their own systems and expand the Journey universe to support the scenarios they care about.

Journeys also has much better support for webhooks now, as our new webhook editor allows user to quickly configure webhooks based on previous requests.

As a bonus we also integrated the bookings module into Journeys to allow for new opportunities for connecting with your leads both before and after meetings. You could for example schedule an automatic follow up call after a meeting has been held.

User overview

We have reworked the design for the user overview page and many of the related edit and create views.

The users table now show all the related accounts in one list, and allows filtering by which types of users that should be displayed.

This presents a much more consise overview which now includes the users current login state.

Shared message templates

We've changed the way sms and message templates are associated with campaigns.

Previously, a message template (sms or mail) was created for a specific campaign and could only be reused if that template was cloned to a different campaign. However, this meant that changing one template required changing every copied instance of that template.

We've now made it possible for multiple campaigns to share the same message template, such that changing it once will update it for every campaign that uses the template.

Furthermore, you can now find a complete overview of the message templates that are available by selecting Message templates from the Settings menu.

Adversus Dashboards Beta

We're testing out some new functionality for visualizing team performance.

We've added a new page to our Statistics and reports section that allows users to create custom dashboards based on some popular performance metrics.

Everything is still very early, but we decided to release it as is to quickly be able to gather input about what direction we should take it in. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Copy campaign settings

Campaign administration has now become much easier.

One of the common nuisanses for customers with complicated campaign setups has been keeping multiple campaigns with the same setup in synch. Previously, the only way to replicate the settings from one campaign was to create a new (cloned) copy of that campaign.

We've now added a feature that allows you to copy some or all settings from one campaign to multiple existing campaigns.

To access our new feature, go to the campaigns overview, click the 'More' button next to the source campaign, and then select 'Copy settings'.

Warehouse update

We've added a sales view to our warehouse module.

In addition to being built on top of our now familiar warehouse experience, the new sales overview also offers the possibility to filter sales by products sold, and allows updating the sales status for multiple sales.

Track calender invites

When booking meetings for external consultants one of the common problems has previously been the inability to track whether the recipient has accepted the meeting invitation. Such feedback would only be delivered to the email specified as the sender.

We've integrated a new feature called smart invites which enables such tracking. By enabling smart invites for the email-template with the meeting invitation, the current recipient status can now be shown in the bookings warehouse.

A common use case will be filtering all bookings where recipient has not accepted the invite, and call them back to rearrange or confirm the invite. This helps agents raise the quality of the meetings.