Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Exclude weekends from daily goals




We have made a small add-on if you are using daily goals in your dashboard widgets to follow the progress towards your goals.

You can now exclude weekends from your daily goals count by checking the box Business days. This is beneficial if you and your team aren't spending your weekends at work, but out and about having fun.

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Booking details in dialer view




For everyone who at some point, booked a meeting in Adversus and then afterwards wondered: Wait who did I create this meeting for?

We're trying out something new in the dialer where it is now possible to see the meetings that exists on the current lead right below the calendar widget, such that its more accessible to what is the current state of any bookings previously made for the lead.

This also makes the comment a consultant might have added to a held meeting available in the dialer, which might be useful if you need to schedule a follow up meeting, but really we just think it's nice this information more easily available without having to open the booking view, or go to the activity log.

This feature is opt-in per campaign, where you change it in the settings for calendar under result fields.

A time range selector with fresh options




Let's introduce you to the new time range selector with more possibilities.

First of all, when you go to either Warehouse, Dashboards or Reports, you'll now meet the exact same time range options when filtering your data.

Second of all (which requires a tad more explanation), we've implemented some new options for how you select the time range. You'll now meet three tabs when you click to filter your data based on time. Let's have a look at them.

  1. Quick ranges: Alright, you're probably already familiar with the quick ranges, e.g., last 7 days, yesterday, this week, etc. It's still possible to choose from these commonly used defaults.

  2. Custom: This is where you can allow yourself to really get creative time-wise. Here, you can define your very own custom from/to timeframe. In the example below, we want to see data from the Start of Week to 1 day ago.

  3. Specific: This tab is where you go if you want to choose a time range from a calendar, e.g., from the 3rd of September to the 13th.

If you choose a quick range, both the Custom and Specific tabs will adjust.

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Revamp of account field settings




Let's present you with the brand new field settings layout and possibilities.

We've decided to implement a more Warehouse-y feel to it - giving you an overview of all fields in the same view.

Like Warehouse, you can filter your way to fields in the menu on the right. Filter based on:

  • Field group: Display fields that are in specific field groups

  • Type: Do you want to see phone, text, numeric, email, or other type of fields?

  • Campaign: See fields used on specific campaigns

  • Active: Whether or not the field is active

When you have used the juicy filtering options, you can edit your fields (not that filtering is a necessity).

Click on the field you wish to edit. From there, you can edit the field name, type, group, and activate/deactivate. You can also perform actions on multiple fields at once from the Actions tab. The actions at your disposal are:

  • Activate/Deactivate fields

  • Move to field group

You'll still find the fields under Settings > Account > Field groups.

We indeed believe these are the field(s) of dreams. Enjoy!

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Analytics KPI update




We have changed the calculation of the dropped calls KPI. Previously, it was based on the call duration being less than 2 seconds with no user assigned. Now, it's based on the hangup cause.

Brush up of automated emails overview




We've made some improvements to the overview of your automated emails.

First of all, we've wrapped it in a slightly prettier design (if we were to say so ourselves). Second of all, we've added a new column showing the name of the report you're receiving.

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Open and see emails from the activity log




Have you ever opened the activity log and seen that the lead previously received an email from you - but then wondered what the email actually contained? Wonder no more!

We have made it possible to click the email activity directly from the activity log, which opens a modal in the dialer with the original content, details and events for that specific email.

When you have a lead open in the dialer, go to the activity log and click on an email activity to see the new overview. Group 433 (1).png

Inbound: Answer automatically




As always, you can choose two different settings for how you want to answer inbound calls on predictive campaigns - either Answer automatically or Search lead and pick up.

  • Answer automatically picks up the inbound call directly after you receive the lead

  • Search lead and pick up lets you access the lead in the dialer, where you need to click manually to pick up the phone

The new thing we want to address is that you can now answer inbound calls automatically on progressive campaigns. Before, Adversus only allowed you to Search lead and pick up in progressive mode.

Did new users receive your email invitation?




You have created a new user, input their email and are now waiting for them to verify. Wouldn't it be splendid if you could see the status of the email you've sent? Well, we think so!

If you go to the Invitations tab under User administration, you can now follow the email invitation you just sent to a new user. Has it been opened or did it bounce? A helpful overview if a potential spelling error has occurred or if the email has been sent but is in the spam folder.

API user setup




We have made some slight changes to the API possibilities regarding users.

First of all, you can now set user permissions from the public API, allowing you to control what the users inside Adversus are permitted to do.

Second of all, we have removed the possibility of generating a password for a new user through the API. Newly created users will receive an email where they need to create their own password.