Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Integrate enterprise calendar solutions





It is now possible to integrate enterprise calendar solutions, e.g., Google Suite or Office 365.

This will ease the process of integrating calendars since you can authorize access to the calendars of your entire company domain in one go instead of adding calendars one by one. Furthermore, you add extra protection to your integration since there is only one entry point for all calendars rather than having an entry point for each calendar domain.

Audio buffer setting





You can now adjust the audio buffer settings for agents' accounts in the app.

You can set the buffer as either off, low, or high. If you disable it, all calls will be in real-time, if you set it as low, there will be a slight delay, and a high audio buffer will cause a longer delay, but improves the audio quality with a not-too-good network connection.

Adjust the setting per user in the user edit or my profile views, or set it for all current and future users in the account settings view.

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Navigation update





We have adjusted all views where we list campaigns, leads, users, etc., so that it is now always possible to navigate directly to the campaign/lead/user settings by just clicking on the name on the list.

The context is still important, and here's an example of why:

If you click on a campaign from the settings overview, it will take you directly to edit the campaign, but if you instead click on a campaign from the dialer overview, it will navigate you to the dialer (as previously). This will hopefully save you time on clicking around in the dropdown menus.

The change also affects a few other views where it was already possible to click on rows in a table, e.g., Warehouse. In these cases, you now have to click on the text instead of anywhere on the row. That also means that it is now a lot easier to copy/paste text from such tables.

Analytics and Live updates






Sales lines can now be filtered by status in Analytics.

Live overview

The live overview now also includes an AMD rate, indicating how many calls have been ended by answering machine detection.

Phone number self-service





It is now possible to purchase numbers for the area code to which your verified address belongs. This means you can buy numbers directly in the app without having to contact our support team.

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Introducing File Templates





We have launched a new feature called "File templates". This will allow you to create documents, such as receipts and order confirmations, and associate them with leads directly in Adversus.

Create a template upon which the document's content is based, and then generate the specific document using Journeys. The created document will be uneditable, which is to ensure you can use it for further documentation.

A public URL is also generated whenever a new document is created. You can insert the URL into a lead field, use it as a merge tag, add it to a note, reference it in an API call, and much more.

New reporting UI





We have launched a new design to the Reports module, incorporating a more Warehouse-y look.

You can now find the menu on the right side, where it's still possible to add KPIs, filter, control the settings, and find previously saved reports.

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Lead Management





  • The lead ID has been added as a filterable column to all Warehouse views.

  • The dialer now also displays the current lead ID using a copy-paste-friendly widget (simply click on the text). This can make it easier to report issues on specific leads and an easy way to locate the lead in the Warehouse or other systems.

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SMS/email templates





An SMS/email template can now be set as 'editable' in the SMS/email editor.

Disabling this feature for a template will prevent agents from being able to make changes to the template in the dialer.

Notice that the templates are editable by default. Go to 'settings' when editing a template to disable this.

Updates across the system






  • It is now possible to change the status of a sale through a journey action.


  • It is now only possible to start the dialer in 'create' mode for campaigns that a user has access to (as defined by teams).

  • The caller id for the current call is now displayed in the phone widget.


  • It is now possible to create products with a unit price of 0.

Live overview

  • We have added a metric showing the number of predictive leads that were recently skipped because they were not configured with any valid phone numbers.