Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Replace phone numbers (V2)




We've re-launched our feature that allows you to replace your existing phone numbers with new ones. We must admit that there were some necessary fixes with our first version… Which we've now made!

If you are ever in a situation where you have phone numbers that are no longer advantageous for you to use, it is possible to replace them in a jiffy.

Previously, you had to purchase a phone number, delete the old one, and make sure the campaigns, number pools and inbound settings were set up correctly with the new number.

The replacement feature allows you to replace however many phone numbers you want to. It then automatically allocates all new numbers to campaigns, number pools, and inbound settings where the replaced numbers previously were used.

You can replace your existing numbers by navigating to Phone numbers and select the action Replace phone numbers.

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 13.33.41.png

New way of sending emails and SMS




When you send emails and SMS from the dialer, you'll now meet a somewhat different and enhanced way of doing it. Let's walk you through the things that have changed.

If any templates are attached to the campaign, you’ll now see buttons instead of the old dropdown options. They look like this:

image 651.png

When you click the button (in this case, we click Send email), you’re presented with an empty email template. From here, you need to choose one of the templates from the Change template option.

Two important things to note here:

  1. The templates are sorted from A-Z for a more straightforward overview.
  2. You can do a free text search to locate your template faster (if you know the name, of course).

Group 866.png

When you’re done, you can click Send email. Though, if you’d like to wait a bit (maybe do it later in the conversation), you can also close down the email template modal. This will not erase the email you just made ready, but leave it as a Draft beneath the email/SMS buttons - free for you to open whenever needed.

image 652 (1).png

As the default view, we only show the email/SMS activity for the session you’re currently in, i.e., the email you’ve just sent.

If necessary, it’s also possible to show the entire email/SMS history on the lead. Go to Settings, Campaigns and choose the campaign you’d like to edit. Go to Result fields from the campaign editor and add Messages as a result field and tick off Show log.

Note: The overview is placed in the dialer according to how you place it in the result fields table (meaning that you decide where it's located in the dialer).

Group 868.png

The dialer will now show the entire email and SMS history beneath the template buttons.

Group 875.png

Important information to all customers: If you want to start using the new way of sending emails and SMS from the dialer, you need to add the 'Messages' result field from the campaign settings to activate the feature. You can also contact our support, if you'd like to add it to the entire account.

Download and use blocked numbers




Have you ever needed a list containing all numbers that have been blocked through Adversus? Maybe to use when you upload new contacts and want to duplicate check against them? That's exactly what we've developed (and a bit more)!

If you go to Account settings, there's a new button called Download all blocked numbers. The list includes all previously blocklisted numbers, the user who did it and when they did it.

Group 870.png

We've also implemented the blocked numbers to Journeys, meaning that you can now use blocked numbers as a filter in a lead journey and afterwards take action, e.g., deactivate the lead on the campaign automatically.

Group 871.png

Change owner of automated exports




Normally, when you've set up an automatic export from Adversus, the overview and editing options are only visible for the creator itself under Messages and Automated emails, but we've seen a need to share the responsibility and possibilities.

As an admin, you can now see and edit all active exports on your account - regardless of the user who created it. And as a new feature, you can also change the owner of the export (not the receiver of the email, but the user who can access and edit the settings).

Group 865.png

New shade of blue in Live




We have adjusted a tiny bit on the color palette in the Live overview.

Previously, we didn’t distinguish between shared callbacks and automatic redials, with them both being shown with the same inspiring grey color.

That’s changed! We’ve now implemented a new color when agents save the lead as shared callback, so it’s easier for you to get an overview of the exact outcome of each conversation. Automatic redials will keep the grey color all to itself.

Group 864.png

Match conditionally with new possibilities




Not too long ago, we introduced you to our new function in Journeys called Match value conditionally. If that's long forgotten, you can read more about it here.

We have added a few more possibilities within this function, making it possible to use email and SMS templates and timeslots as match expressions.

Group 863.png

Let's take an example with the new email template option.

Imagine you're selling sports brand products and have a campaign for each brand, e.g., Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc. In this case, you'd like to send a customized email confirmation that gives your customer the Nike feels when they buy Nike products. You can now minimize your branches in Journeys and create that logic in one action.

As shown in the example below, we've chosen Email template as the match expression and based it on Campaigns. We then decide when Campaign = Nike use the Nike confirmation email template. The same thing goes for Adidas, New Balance, Puma and Hummel. The only thing left to do is to add the action Send email and choose the label we've called email-confirmation in Email template. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Group 725.png

Limit access to the 'lead overview'




You can now determine which users can access the Lead overview on campaigns.

We have tweaked the permission Campaign administration to also include the lead overview, thus letting you decide who can obtain the information.

Before, it wasn't possible to limit the access to Lead overview with any permission, but to avoid agents having access to campaign data that may give them a preconceived opinion, we've added the feature to the permission. This way, it's all up to you if they should be able to see the data.

Group 836.png

Further usage of your sales notes




If you're using Adversus to register sales, we've made some tweaks that lets you use the sales note further in the process. The tweaks include a total of three updates:

  1. Warehouse Sales

If you go to Warehouse Sales and switch on Product mode, you can now add a new column called Sales note. From here, you can see the note your agent wrote in the product note option from the dialer.

Group 693.png

  1. Include the sales note in the sales order merge tag

If you're writing information in the product note that's also relevant for your customer, you can now add the sales note to the sales order table merge tag. You know, the one that looks like this: [sales_order _table].

If you add [sales_order _table, include=note] in the merge tag, the receiver of the email is now able to see what the agent has written in the sales note - all included in the sales order table.

Oh, and not to forget. We've also changed the design of the sales order table in emails for an easier overview. When you input the [sales_order _table] merge tag, it'll per default add style=cellular to the formatting, which will make the table look like this:

image 527 (1).png

  1. New design in the activity log

Not so much a "further usage"-update, but still pretty neat to know. We've revamped the sales order design in the activity log to a more intuitive design - and if we might say, prettier.

Group 694.png

Enable multi-factor authentication




If you want to add an extra sweet, sweet layer of security to your Adversus account, we're now giving you the opportunity to enable multi-factor authentication on your account.

If you choose to activate multi-factor authentication, it's enforced every time users log in to Adversus.

Go to account settings and enable it to secure your account just a tad (or a lot) more than today. After you've enabled it, users need to set up their multi-factor authentication from My profile. And don't worry - we've included a how-to guide in-app.

Agent performance tracking




If you're using campaign KPIs to let agents track their performance from inside the dialer, you're gonna wanna read these tweaks we've made - primarily to the setup of it all.

The agents will still meet the same UI when clicking the trophy icon within the dialer, so no news here.

But if we instead talk about the setup, we've moved the configuration of the KPIs from the campaign overview to inside the campaign settings, where you'll get a similar experience as when you access the lead/result fields editor.

With this update, we also allow you to use KPIs from the Analytics module, which, of course, includes your beautifully created custom KPIs. When you select the KPIs you wish to display, you can define a text, colour and daily goal. Furthermore, it'll be possible to decide if the KPIs should apply to all campaigns/current only, as well as all users/specific users.

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