We've added pagination and filtering by pool and import to the GET /contacts endpoint. Furthermore it is now possible to specify a set of lead-fields that should shown for each contact.

You can read more in the api docs @

Profile settings

Users can now view and edit their own settings. The My Profile view can be accessed from the menu in the lower left corner.

We also added two new dialer settings for internal users which enables a user to adjust the stun network protocol setting, and to toggle automatic gain control for the microphone.


We've redesigned the upload page, and have added some additional feature to the upload engine making it much more powerful. It is now possible to enrich your existing lead-data by uploading data directly from a spreadsheet.

As previously you start off by selecting which columns that should be used for 'matching' your existing data against the import-data (this may be an internal key or a phone number). But now you may also specify columns containing data that should be added to existing leads when a match is found.

Additionally, you can specify that leads for which no match can be found should be deactivated from the upload pool. This is useful for making a lead-pool 1 to 1 with an external source.

Warehouse – Add and delete leads

We added some basic lead management actions to our leads warehouse view. It is now possible to add leads to another campaign, as well as deactivate the leads from their current campaign.

In a warehouse it is also possible to execute an action only for a specific selection of leads. This can be done by simply marking the checkbox for every lead you wish to change prior to selecting the action.

Journeys - SMS

It is now possible to use SMS 2 way integrations in Adversus powered by Adversus Journeys. An inbound sms number can be ordered through Adversus support, and incoming messages can then be used as a starting point for a journey.

Journeys - Webhooks

It is now possible to create journeys in Adversus that are powered by webhooks. This allows other systems to send events about leads to Adversus and then configure what should happen in Adversus using our graphical interface for lead-flow management.

Lead pools

The id for a given lead pool is now shown in the application. The information has been added as an extra column in the lead-pool list.

Billing - Monthly subscription cost

Customers who are using our in-app billing solution can now view their current monthly subscription charge, as well as the potential cost when up or downgrading. This information can be accessed by navigating to the billing module and then choosing the products tab.

Create lead - New dialer

The create lead function has been changed to use our new dialer interface.

Warehouse - General beta

Our new module Adversus Warehouse is now available for general beta testing. This module is our first step towards a better experience when generally accessing data from Adversus, and allow users to quickly filter and displaying lead information in a more intuitive manner. With this release we've also added the option to export data to xsl, either manually or using scheduled exports.