Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Add report widgets to dashboards




If you think our dashboards and reports separately are totally cool, we hope this update will brighten your day!

We’ve fashioned something we’d like to call Reports Lite, which merges reports and dashboards, enabling you to display a (small) report as a table widget on your dashboard.

This also means that we've split the Create new option in two; Create new chart (the one you know) and Create new table (which you should use to add a report widget).

Group 1105.png

In the table widget setup, select the KPIs you want to display, group them by users, campaigns, etc. and choose the table mode.

Group 1104.png

We decided to call the feature Reports Lite since there are some restrictions compared to creating original reports, e.g., no subgrouping. That also means you can’t make an original report, save it and then go to dashboards and add it - you’d have to create a report table in dashboards from scratch.

image 803.png

Go to your dashboard, click Add widget and choose Create new table to get started. Have fun!