Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Advanced dialer configuration

The dialer view have been updated to enable new layout customization, new types of input fields, and more options for validation.

If you have a lot of small fields that does not require lengthy input strings, you can now setup fields to only take half the column width. E.g. if you use seperate fields for zip code and city, it is now possible to have the dialer show these fields side by side, which can make it easier for your agents to quickly gather the required information at a glance. In the lead data fields tab, each field now have an column width option, which can be set to half.

The content type of each fields now also have options for seleting numeric inputs and datetime inputs. These new field types have custom implemetations in the dialer view, such that the agents can select a date using a calendar picker, or may be required to input only numbers.

You can also enable validation for telephone numbers and emails, and for advanced users you can customize input patterns for text fields. This allows for standardizing how your agents should input things like VAT numbers, providing you with better data quality.