Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Dashboard template for user statistics




We know… It hasn't been that long since we introduced you to our new dashboard templates, but we simply couldn't help ourselves and decided to create yet another dashboard template for you guys: User statistics.

The shiny, new user statistics template contains KPIs such as successes, success/hour, call duration, hit rate, average conversation time, total activity time, etc. What we're trying to say is that you're definitely not gonna miss out on any important user performance data!

To make it as easy as possible for you, we've added a default filter to all widgets that only show data from Me (Current user). This means you can share it instantly with your agents and only show their individual performance when they access the dashboard.

With the launch of our new template, we've also decided to remove User statistics for good since the dashboard stores exactly that data - and much more.

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If you want to share the dashboard with your agents, go to Settings from the dashboard, choose the user group you'd like to share with and click save. The agents will then have access to the dashboard directly from the main menu.

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