Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Dialer - Internal call forwarding

Oftentimes closing a sale is a joint effort, so we made it easy to keep the customer on the line when moving the conversation from your cold callers to your best closers.

In Adversus you can now transfer calls directly to your colleagues, either directly to a specific agent or to the first available agent on any campaign. All the data for the lead will be immediately available to the receiver of the call, and they can keep the conversation on track right from the start.

To get started, go to the campaign settings and look for the call forwarding section. Here you now have the option to set up a phone book with numbers, users and campaigns that may be used as forwarding destinations. Remember to enable call transfers in the settings section if you havn't already.

In the dialer the transfer interface now displays the phone book entries, and for internal transfers we will also show if the destination is ready to accept inbound calls.