Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Navigation update





We have adjusted all views where we list campaigns, leads, users, etc., so that it is now always possible to navigate directly to the campaign/lead/user settings by just clicking on the name on the list.

The context is still important, and here's an example of why:

If you click on a campaign from the settings overview, it will take you directly to edit the campaign, but if you instead click on a campaign from the dialer overview, it will navigate you to the dialer (as previously). This will hopefully save you time on clicking around in the dropdown menus.

The change also affects a few other views where it was already possible to click on rows in a table, e.g., Warehouse. In these cases, you now have to click on the text instead of anywhere on the row. That also means that it is now a lot easier to copy/paste text from such tables.