Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Phone numbers




As some of you may have noticed, we have made some changes when you try to verify a phone number you haven’t bought within Adversus.

Previously, it has been possible to verify and call from a number you own without having purchased an Adversus phone number, but we have changed this to route the calls correctly and give you the best possible quality.

When dialing anonymously (hidden number) or with a verified number, it’s now necessary to provide an Adversus phone number. The Adversus number will be billed when dialing with the chosen outgoing number and is used as the basis for calculating any variable telephony costs that might apply. This change allows us to control the traffic in the best way possible, and you avoid getting discarded as a fraudulent caller (since you’re calling from a phone number that matches the country).

Let’s say you are physically located in Denmark, but you want to call leads in Spain. Calling from a Danish number might seem “scammy” to telephony providers, and you risk not getting through.

Now, if you choose to call anonymously, attach a Spanish Adversus number to the campaign. And if you call with an outgoing number, you need an Adversus number to have the number originate from Spain. To your leads, it will appear as the number you’ve verified. We still recommend using the Adversus number directly for the absolute best quality. However, if your business requires you to use your own number, you can still do this.

It is required to have an Adversus phone number per country code.