Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Predictive dialer strategies

The predictive dialer have made its way into the dialer strategies system, and a more flexible priority mode have been added.

When configuring a dialer strategy you now have the option to set the dialer mode (manual/progressive/predictive) like a regular campaign. This means that you can now use the predictive dialer with multiple campaigns, providing new possibilities for how you segment your leads.

In addition you can now setup the priority between your campaigns by specifying a ratio of how much each campaign should be dialed. E.g. you might want a third of your leads from one campaign and two thirds from another.

Falling sligtly behind on your meeting quota for a specific region? You can now react faster than ever before, by simply changing the ratios of the campaign and your agents can simply continue doing their job with no interruptions.

Oh, and did we mention - the live overview now also works with dialer strategies!