Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Say hello to Insights fields




We've heard and listened to your wishes!

Give a warm welcome to Insights fields, that enables you to start using lead or result fields - created by you - as data in the Analytics module.

Yes, you heard correctly! If you choose to convert a field to an Insights field, you can use it as part of your custom KPI, allowing you to get really creative. Game-changer! (if we were to say so ourselves).

Insights fields can be used as a filter and to group by.

When uploading leads, you'll also stumble across the Insights fields possibility in the match fields view. If you were to create a new field, a "Use as Insights field" option is at your disposal.

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A few examples of how to use them, you ask? Of course!

  • Zip code field: Use zip codes to dive deeper into where leads are located and how you're performing in different locations.

  • Not interested reason: You have a result field that pops up whenever an agent wants to save a lead as not interested. Use the not interested reason to get a deeper understanding of why leads don't buy what you're selling.

  • Lead provider ID: You have different lead providers and enrich leads with unique IDs to tell the providers apart. By using this field as an Insights field, you'll be able to see the quality of the leads based on provider. And maybe you'd like to give feedback to providers each month by sending an automated report showcasing the quality.

If you choose to convert a field to an Insights field, there are three different stages it goes through, so you know when we're finished indexing:

  • Queued: The field is locked and awaits kick-off

  • Processing: Currently converting field to an Insights field

  • Ready: The field is all set!

To begin with, we've set up some limits as to how many text, number and date fields you can use as Insights fields. You have an overview of the different limits beneath the menu on the right.