Adversus changelog
Adversus changelog

Use API responses in Journeys





New stuff is happening in the Journey universe, where two new additions have just landed, which can be used when setting up custom integrations.

Use API request responses

When setting up custom integrations, a new tab can be used to configure what we should do with the response to the API request. Or rather, you can configure what values from the response you might want to do something to in the following steps in the journey.

So what can that be used for, you ask? As always, the opportunities are endless. Consider the usual case of using Adversus for, e.g., sales and then transferring the sale to an external order system. If the ordering system replies that shipping will be delayed due to lack of inventory - that lead could immediately be set up with a callback to inform the customer.

So that was a rather contrived example. But silly things, such as calling external weather API to see if it's raining when a lead didn't pick up the phone, and then just immediately close the lead as not interested if it's raining, could also be a thing.

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 15.48.28.png

Take it for a spin

The Journey editor has also gotten a new feature that will make it a lot simpler to configure these kinds of custom integrations - it is now possible to test the request while creating it.

This feature requires the user to provide an Adversus ID for a lead/sales/whatever, which is then used to create the test data. We immediately do a test API call, and the response can be viewed in the response tab to see what came back.